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This blog was created to help all contestants get answers to your questions faster then waiting for a phone call. (we hope)

If you would like to look over the Contestant packet, please look under the Pages link to the right. There have been a few changes this year that we hope will better our Pageant. We will only be having a Princess and Queen competition this year. The Princess age group is 9 - 13, and the Queen age group is 14 - 18. We feel this change will help us put on a better pageant.

You obviously can't print the packet from the blog, but we thought it would be a great idea so the contestants can look over everything before requesting a packet. So if you are interested in signing up you can either post a message on the blog, email me at chelises@hotmail.com, or call Tiffany or I and we would be happy to send a packet out to you. Thank you again for visiting our blog, and we will post any updates as soon as needed. If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to call. Chelise @ 435-823-2084 and Tiffany @ 435-822-2002.


Contestant Packet

Queen Contestant Contract

Who is Miss Duchesne County Rodeo Queen/Princess?

The Miss Duchesne County Rodeo Queen/Princess symbolizes the youth of our county. She promotes the sport of rodeo and our western heritage by traveling throughout the county of Duchesne during her reign representing Duchesne County and the sport of Rodeo.


Live in Duchesne County during your reign.

Be an upstanding citizen.

Attend all Duchesne County Fair performances, (wearing full western attire during the performances). No exceptions! Be available for other promotions, and charity events, throughout the year (i.e. UBIC Parade, Altamont Parade & Rodeo, Tabiona Parade and Rodeo, Dinosaur Round-Up Rodeo, Neola Events).

Attend no less than three rodeos to promote the Duchesne County Rodeo/Fair.

I, ____________________________________________, have read the above requirements and expectations of the Miss Duchesne County Rodeo Queen/Princess and agree to them in their entirety.

Contestant ___________________________________ Date _______________


Parents/Guardians name (please print)___________________________________


Phone number____________________________________

Cell phone________________________________________

Contestants sweater/jacket size:

Youth small Youth medium Youth large

Adult small Adult medium Adult large (please circle one)

Contest is Saturday, June 12, 2010

Deadline to sign up is June 1, 2010

Queen Contestant Application

These are questions so that the judges can get to know you better! (That means the judges WILL see your answers.) Feel free to re-type them on a separate sheet.


Local Address:

City: State: Zip:

Phone: ( ) - Email:

Types of horse/rodeo experience:

Why would you be a good representative for Duchesne County?

How have horses or the sport of rodeo played a role in your life?

Is there anything else the judges should know about you?

Judging Guidelines

(Each judge scores as follows – there will be 2 judges total for speech and interview and 4 judges for horsemanship).

Horsemanship (200 pts)

(own horse)

Cleanliness of horse (25 pts)

Poise/General Grooming (25 pts)

Correctness/ control (25 pts)

Hands/ leg/ seat (25 pts)

Lead changes (25 pts)

Rollback correctness (25 pts)

Pivot/spin correctness (15 pts)

Presentation ride (25 pts)

Impromptu Questions (10 points)

Speech/Modeling (150 pts)

Confidence (5 pts)

Poise/ General Grooming (35 pts)

Cleanliness of horse/stall (35 pts)

Fit/ Coordination of outfit (35 pts)

Speech (40 pts)

Personality/Interview (150 pts)

Confidence (20 pts)

Fit/ Coordination (15 pts)

Enthusiasm (15 pts)

Poise/General Grooming (25 pts)

Friendliness (25 pts)

Willingness to talk (15 pts)

General knowledge(35 pts)

An unidentified judge/ person will be observing the contestants through out the contest, not necessarily while the contestants are performing and will score them a maximum of 50 pts on how well they interact with other contestants, being respectful and overall how they would represent Duchesne County if they were chosen to be the new Queen/Princess.

This allows for a possible Grand Total of 550 points!
Study Guide and Information

It is suggested you have a knowledge of a broad range of things from Rodeo events, current county events as well as past history of our County. Here are some things to look up that will help out. Don’t let this freak you out; these are all just possibilities of what you might be asked.

Study Ideas:

Duchesne County Officers and duties

Look over the constitution

History of Duchesne County

Activities offered during the Duchesne County Fair

When is the Duchesne County Fair

Name the nine Rodeo events

Current Queen (State, National & our County)

Stock Contractors for Duchesne County Rodeo

Current champions in each event and all-around cowboy

Know the seven standard events

Past Queen

It will probably be helpful to know the following terms:

General Terms: Area boss, barrel man, barriers, bronc rein, bullfighting, bull rope, chute, chute boss, dally, mark out, dogger, flank strap, hazer, header, heeler, riggin’, etc.

Understand time penalties, when re-rides are awarded, distance of barrels, judge scorings, mark out rules, equipment used, and be able to give directions to the Pavillion and how to refer to places to find information on rodeo. Do not worry- you will do great!

Phases of Competition

Contest is Saturday June 12, 2010

Day of competition – We will begin the competition promptly at 10:00 am. Please arrive no later than 9:00 so that we can draw numbers and vote for Miss Congeniality. Arriving at 9:00 will also give you time to practice your modeling and come up with your own modeling pattern. (Depending on how many contestants we have sign up, this time could change and you will be informed if it is.)

Modeling (Queen & Princess contestants) – each contestant will model a dress or skirt outfit. The outfits should consist of skirt or dress, long sleeve shirt, cowboy hat, boots, belt and buckle. Contestants will begin when they are introduced. Contestants will model to their own pattern (no more than 3 minutes please). You will be modeling to country music, so practice at home so you are used to walking to the beat of the music. (When you are finished modeling, make sure you nod your head to let the judges know you are finished and also so the music person knows to turn the music off.)

Speech (Queen & Princess Contestants) - each contestant will give a 2-3 minute speech on one of the following topics. You may memorize your speech or read it from note cards. You will not have a microphone for your speech, so please be prepared to speak loud, but not yell.

* How has the sport of rodeo (or other horse related event) influenced your life?

* My heroes have always been cowboys….

* The professional or amateur rodeo cowboy/cowgirl you most admire, and why…

* Rodeo as a western heritage….

* What rodeo event has had the greatest impact on your life?

Interview (Queen and Princess Contestants) – the interview will be approximately 5 - 10 min. long. (As soon as you are done with Modeling/Speech/Impromptu questions please go to the designated area (which you will be told the day of the competition) and wait for your turn for interview. Once you are finished with interview you can go get ready for the horsemanship part of the competition. Depending on the number of contestants, we will start horsemanship promptly at 1:00 pm.) These questions will most likely be the study guide and information, also be aware of current world events taking place! Be ready to answer questions about horses, rodeo, yourself, etc. Some sample questions may include: How can someone become active in rodeo? Why do you want to be the Miss Duchesne County Rodeo Queen/Princess? What is the Queen’s job/duties? What are your strengths/ weaknesses? What would you tell an animal rights person who was trying to irritate you? Etc. (Set down with someone and have them ask you questions and come up with some good answers just for practice)

Horsemanship Attire: Something flashy! Something bright that catches the eye! Western jeans and long sleeve shirt, slinky and vest, or flashy blouse. Boots, hat, etc

Horsemanship (Queen & Princess contestants) – Each contestant will perform a set pattern for the horsemanship phase of competition. Once you have completed your pattern and your presentation ride, you will need to stop at the judges, Contestants will need to dismount your horse and let the judges inspect your horse and you. They could ask you a question regarding your tack, the pattern, etc., so please be prepared. Once the judges have dismissed you, please lead your horse out of the arena at the opposite gate you entered on, so you don’t disturbed the next contestants coming in.

Horse tack: Standard western equipment should be used. Anything that is legal in the rodeo arena or show ring is acceptable for this queen contest.

Horsemanship patterns: Queen’s Pattern (please note, the judges are aware that not everyone does reining full time and you might not have a reining horse that can do full spins, so don’t stress. Just do your best!!!!!

Pattern for Princess

Lead your horse into the arena, acknowledge the judges. Mount your horse, start walking along the edge of the arena toward the center, then go into a trot. When you are about to the center of the arena (judges on the opposite side, so in front of you) walk or stop your horse before beginning your pattern.

*Start out with a slow run/lope to the right and do a small but average circle (watch for markers and don’t go out of the marker) then switch leads but stay on the same speed and do the same size circle to the left (watch for markers and don’t go out of the marker). When you get to the center of the circle change your speed to a run/fast lope and do a larger circle to the right (make sure you go out of the markers this time), change leads and keep the same speed and do the same size bigger circle to the left (make sure you go out of the markers this time).

*When you get to the center of your second big circle change leads and run directly up the center of the arena, do a sliding stop and a roll-back and continue running to the other end of the arena and do another sliding stop and a roll-back, then come to the center of the arena (center of your circle) and do a final sliding stop.

*Face and walk toward the judges, do two spins/turns to the right and then two spins/turns to the left. Turn and walk your horse past the judges and then stop your horse and back your horse up to the judges. Dismount

Other Helpful Hints

A Rodeo Queen usually wears her hair down. Some use hot rollers and some just curl the ends under- it’s up to you! During horsemanship, some put their hair back in a bow. If you have short hair- don’t worry. Just make your hair look nice under your hat.

For outfits, make sure they go together and fit well. Don’t worry about expense. Having an expensive outfit that doesn’t fit as well will score lower than someone who has a nice fitting, less expensive one. Make sure everything is pressed and clean! Make sure you are neat and tidy, and all the items you are wearing coordinate!

As for make-up, wear more for horsemanship and during the performances than you normally would. Be well groomed, and pay attention to details such as: nails, make-up, jewelry, etc. You can wear “normal make-up” for your interview. QUEENS WEAR LIPSTICK!

Talk to the current queen if you have any concerns regarding the horsemanship. For example, if your horse does not carry a flag we are not going to make you carry one on it. If you have concerns with someone riding your horse (high strung, etc) we will not put that horse in the draw, we will find another horse to substitute.

During the horsemanship, concentrate on your hands and cues, as well as your seat. You want to make your cues visible if your horse does not perform the skill so the judges know you are trying. However, if you attempt a skill three times and do not accomplish it then just move on to the next part of the pattern. When you are finished with your pattern and approach the judges for your two questions: dismount properly, introduce yourself and your horse, and hold your horse properly.

smile, smile, smile!

IF YOU HAVE ANY QUESTIONS ASK!!!!!! You can reach Chelise Stewart @ 435-823-2084 or Tiffany Roll @ 435-822-2002.

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